The trendy gardener: Polar flower boxes

Gardening expert Albert Mondor shows you how to create beautiful flower arrangements that do not fear the cold.

Here is the transcript of the video:

Today, I'm going to show you how to create very precocious flower arrangements using highly original salvaged containers.

  1. First, I decided to use an old briefcase for my arrangement. I could also have used an old suitcase for a globetrotter look.
  2. Drill holes to facilitate drainage and cover with burlap so the leather does not rot away too quickly.
  3. Fill the container with moist potting soil.
  4. Plant early blooming plants such as heather, hellebore, primrose, pansies... 

Even under a blanket of snow, they will continue to flower. For a quick effect, arrange plants close to one another. All done! This original planter will brighten up your patio early in the spring!

Rain or shine, be trendy when gardening!