5 benefits of using mulch

Morning dew on herbs

From an aesthetic point of view, mulch is an undeniable asset, whether in the garden or in flowerbeds. No weeds, an even texture and colour, a real treat for the eye! But there are numerous other benefits for which you should consider spreading mulch this spring...

5 benefits of using mulch:

  1. Mulch reduces your plants' water requirements. Whether for your flowers or garden, mulch will cut those by half.  
  2. Also, mulch evens up your soil's moisture level, making it more hospitable for the proliferation of the nutrients your plants feed on. Some mulches containing mineral elements can pass them on to the soil, further increasing its nutritional value.
  3. The various types of mulches (bark, straw or grass) also prevent your soil from drying out because of the sun or under drought conditions.
  4. Spreading mulch also allows to minimize the impact of rainfall and footsteps.
  5. Finally, mulch significantly reduces the proliferation of weeds. Both organic and inorganic mulches will prevent unwanted grass and weeds from taking root in your garden or flowerbeds.

Inorganic mulches, including plastic, paper, polyethylene and rubber, can be used as well. Those are interesting from a financial point of view, as they will not decompose as quickly. Therefore, they need not be replaced as often. Also, inorganic mulches have a neutral pH which won't affect your soil.

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