Watering tips for healthy plants

Each plant has its own water needs. Water your plants frequently but avoid overwatering. Here are 6 tips to meet your plant’s water needs:


  1. Check the moisture level of your potting soil. For example, insert your finger to measure the moisture rate. Peat-based potting soils retain water better and reduce watering frequency.
  2. Ensure that your pot contains big enough drainage holes that let any surplus water leak out.
  3. Remember that it is the roots that need water, not the leaves!
  4. Outdoors, you can add mulch. It will reduce evaporation of the water and prevent the surface water from running away from your seedling.
  5. Water when necessary. Monitor the weather forecasts and reduce watering when it rains.
  6. Check the water needs in the information you were given when you purchased your plant. You can also write to us on our Facebook page for any questions!

Too much or not enough water can result in several problems, such as roots drying out or rotting. For healthy plants, be vigilant and water intelligently!