How to get rid of Chinch Bug

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How to get rid of Chinch Bug

Chinch Bug damage usually first begin to appear in the heart of summer. Classic signs are Chinch Bugs can wipe a lawn out in as little as a week, so it is essential that you begin to treat at the first sign of an infestation. 

On of the way to get rid of them is to use chinch bug busters nematodes. Be aware that the target insects must be present and active for them to be effective. They should not be put down as a preventative treatment, only once you have seen the actual insects or their damage, as they will not survive without a food source. As with all Nematodes they will perish once their food source had been depleted. 

When repairing any areas that have been damaged by chinch bugs or other surface feeding insects, we'd recommend using a grass seed blend that contains a high percentage of Perennial Ryegrass or Turf-type Fescues.


Which Grass Seed to Use?

Use varieties of grass seeds that contain Endophytes, a naturally occurring fungus that grows within the grass plant. This fungus does not cause any harm to the plant, and it will not jump to other plants, nor is it like other disease causing fungi, but it does release a chemical that is undesirable to surface feeding insects when they ingest it. 

Studies have shown that turf type grasses that contain endophytes have enhanced resistance to surface feeding insects, increased stress tolerance with reduced invasion on weeds, along with better summer survival under drought conditions with faster fall recovery. They should never be used in a pasture where farm animals will be grazing.