How to make a hanging basket

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Women with a hanging basket

You're looking for an original gift? Why not make a hanging basket? Here is all you will need as well as the steps to follow to achieve your project. 


  • Hanging basket with a drainage hole
  • Moss
  • Potting or planter soil
  • Variety of perennials and annuals (asters, begonias, calibrachoa, nasturtiums, geraniums, lobelias, petunias, scaevola, surfinias, verbena)
  • Watering can
  • Small shovel

Step 1: Moisten soil and fill container

Soil for hanging basket

To help retain moisture, it's important to choose a quality mix designed for potted plants and that has Canadian sphagnum peat moss as its main ingredient. Fill in about 2/3 of the container and press lightly. Do not compress in the centre as it would slow down root growth. As the soil of hanging baskets tends to dry out faster than with in-ground gardens, adding moss will help retain moisture.

Step 2: Prepare the plants

Someone preparing his plants

Water the plants about an hour before planting. Remove the roots from the root ball, making sure to keep it as intact as possible.

Step 3: Place plants

Someone placing the plants in the hanging basket

Make a hole in the soil and place the first plant. Leave enough space between the plants so they can develop properly and bloom. Do the same thing for your other plants. Add soil around them, and then water slowly until you see water leaking out of the drainage hole.

Step 4: Maintain

Maintaining plant

It's important to keep an eye on the soil of hanging baskets, at it tends to dry out fast. It is recommended to fertilize every 4 weeks with organic flower food or a slow release all purpose garden fertilizer.