How to grow beautiful hanging baskets

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How to grow beautiful hanging baskets

Hanging baskets you buy in stores and garden centers can differ greatly. It all depends on the type of hanging baskets you have and the plants inside them. Generally, the ones you buy are filled so full of plants to make them look amazing for selling, but that means they dry out very fast and contain very little soil.


Light requirements

Some variety of flowers need to be deadheaded in order to stay looking nice and rebloom. Also, be sure to check the light requirements for the basket you have. If it requires sun, make sure you have it in a sunny spot! Most blooming flowers need at least 6 hours of sunlight. If it requires shade and gets too much sun it tends to burn the plant.


Watering your hanging baskets

Because they are exposed to the elements on all sides and because their flowers grow in a restricted amount of potting mix, hanging baskets need frequent watering. Water daily and soak them once a day during hot summer days.



How to grow beautiful hanging baskets by fertilizing them

We also recommend applying a time-released fertilizer to help make the plants grow and flower. Whether you chose a granular or water-soluble fertilizer is up to you. Fertilizing is an absolute easy and important step to keep your flowers blooming and thriving right after you bought them.

You should fertilize every 4 weeks, and use an Organic Flower fertilizer or an Multi Purpose Garden fertilizer. The easiest ones to use have a low NPK ratio (3-7-3 for example). If you use a higher NPK ratio, fertilize less often, as the nutrients will last longer.