Can You Add Peat Moss To Your Lawn?

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Peat moss as a soil amendment has many advantages, such as increasing moisture retention and helping your lawn’s aeration and drainage. That’s why we find it in many potting mixes, growing media and lawn care products.

Peat moss can hold up to 20 times its dry weight in water. But if you use it alone on your lawn there’s a slight chance it increases the acidity of your soil. We recommend that you do a pH test of your soil before and after, to measure results. If pH decreases, it means acidity is increasing. If it happens, simply add limestone, which will decrease the acidity.


Peat moss and what else?

But know that peat moss, as it is quite light in weight, does tend to quickly dry out and can then be blown away. A great alternative is soils that have been blended specifically for the lawn.

They contain peat moss, humic matter, and possibly fully composted manures, and their impact on your soil's pH will be less important.