What is the best time to start seeds indoors?

When is the best time to start seeds indoors

A great way to begin the gardening season is to start seeds indoors. You can start working on your future garden as soon as late February.

Time factor in gardening

Time is the most important factor when starting seeds indoors. The ultimate goal is to grow seedlings that will be the perfect size for transplanting in the garden when the time comes. Here are the factors to consider to determine when to seed:

  1. The average last frost date in your region of Canada;
  2. The speed at which the seed germinates;
  3. The plant's preferred temperature range;
  4. Your hardiness zone. 

Table seeds starting

1. Best period to start seeds

The seed starting time varies depending on the vegetables you want to grow. Look at the seed packets to find the planting times. Also, it is important to know the date of the last frost for the previous year to determine what this year's will be.  

2. Seed germination time

Each vegetable has a different germination time. Here is a table to help you identify the germination times for the most popular vegetables.

3. What does the plant prefer?

Temperature is an important parameter to consider when starting seeds. It is essential to heed the needs of the plant to be as successful as possible. That is why you must get information before starting seeds. Don't hesitate to ask for advice at your garden center. 

4.    What is a hardiness zone?

Knowing your hardiness zone is also important. A hardiness zone is a geographic area where a specific plant category can live. 

This will help you make better choices when selecting the fruits and vegetables you want to grow. Learn more about hardiness zones here.