How to take care of and transplant cacti and succulents?

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How to take care of cactus and succulents?

Here are some tips to successfully transplant your cactus:

Choose a potting soil that is specially formulated for cacti or succulent plants. That kind of mix has sand in it, which gives your plant pot good weight, and it also offers good aeration for the health of your plant’s roots.

First, choose a pot (with a drainage hole) one size larger than the old one. Fill one third or half of it with your cactus growing mix.

Use a paper towel, rolled newspaper or tongs to manipulate your cactus during transplantation. Before putting your cactus in its new home, loosen the rootball but be careful not to break the center of it or any other roots. 

Put your plant in its new pot, at the same level as it was in its previous pot. Add mix around the plant and gently tap it down.

Then, water your cactus plant, but make sure not to overwater it. Just enough water to slightly moisten the mix. Too much moisture could lead to root diseases.


  • Indoors, cacti need 4 to 6 hours of sunlight.
  • During winter, water once a month.
  • Fertilize during late spring or summer, when it’s actively growing.