7 Ways To Better Water Your Lawn

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Well hydrated lawn

If your goal is a gorgeous green lawn to be the neighbor’s envy, you will need to be smart about how you water your precious blades.

Although lawns are fairly low maintenance, watering them wrong can cause a lot of problems — from burning to shallow roots.

Follow these 7 tips to keep your lawn lush in summer and help it to grow strong enough to withstand even the harshest weather: 

  1. Most lawns require a minimum of 5 cm (2″) of water per week especially during the heat of the summer. This can vary considerably depending on the type of soil you have. Sandy soil will require more frequent but short waterings, while clay will require less frequent but longer waters.

  2. Water early in the morning before the sun’s rays is too strong, or if that’s not possible then early evening when the sun is low in the sky.

  3. Try to avoid watering your lawn at night as it can create the perfect environment for fungi and disease to develop.

  4. Under dry conditions, water heavily once a week, as opposed to a daily sprinkling. Generally, an hour of water will be sufficient but to measure with more accuracy place a plastic tub that has 1 inch marked inside, under the sprinkler. Once the water reaches this point you may move your sprinkler to the next area.

  5. Daily sprinkling encourages shallow roots, which increase the chance of burning during hot spells.

  6. Be careful not to overwater because you risk to leach nutrients from the root zone.

  7. Do not water in hot sun as this can cause the plants to scald.