What's the perfect lawn height?

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Beautiful lawn

Here are 5 tips to help you get what you want:

  1. In the spring and fall, set your mower's height to about 3 inches. If you mow your lawn too short, it will affect the root system and your lawn will be more vulnerable to stresses and diseases.
  2. In the summer, increase the mowing height a little. Your lawn will better resist heat and will have a stronger root system.
  3. Sharpen your mower's blades at least once a year. Blunt blades can tear off grass blades instead of cutting them, making your lawn thinner and more vulnerable to diseases.
  4. Water deeply as it helps roots spread further and take up more nutrients from the soil. The ideal watering schedule depends on the type of soil, the type of grass and temperature.
  5. To bring damaged lawn sections to life, use a grass seed mix such as the " PRO-MIX® all condition grass seed". Then, compact lightly before watering and keep moist until the seed have started emerging.

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