Scandinavian-style macrame plant hanger

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Whether it’s to hang your plants or to offer as a gift, making a macrame plant hanger is easier than you think.

Here is how to create your own Scandinavian-style decoration.

Material required for plant hanger


  • Macrame cord
  • Wood ring
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Decorative wood beads (optional)
  • Fur strips or pompoms (optional)

How to make a macrame plant hanger, step by step

To make the different knots, refer to the diagrams at the end of the article.

Step 1

  • Cut 8 pieces of cord, 3 m each
  • Cut 2 pieces of cord, 50 cm each

Step 2

  • Fold all 3-m pieces of cord in half and tie them to the wood ring with a lark’s head knot (see diagram 1).
  • To hold the cords together, make a gathering knot using a 50-cm piece of cord (see diagram 2). Cut the pieces of cord that stick out.

Step 3

  • Isolate the first four strands.
  • Tie square knots alternating left-right for a total of 15 knots. (See diagram 3 to learn how to make a square knot.)
  • Repeat to get 4 main braids.

Step 4

  • Measure a length of 15 cm and insert a wood bead into the two centre strands of each braid. 
  • Repeat for the other braids.
  • To make a spiral, tie 15 square knots always on the same side.
  • Repeat for each braid.

Step 5

  • Separate each braid in two. 
  • Measure 20 cm and make two square knots alternating left-right to tie the right half of a braid with the left half of the next braid. 
  • Repeat with each braid.

Step 6

  • Measure 10 cm and make two square knots alternating left-right to tie the right half of a braid with the left half of the next braid.


Step 7

  • Measure 10 cm and tie the strand on the outer left of a 4-strand braid with the strand on the outer right of the closest braid.

Step 8

  • Measure 5 cm and make two square knots alternating left-right. 

Step 9

  • Connect and tie all braids 10 cm further down.
  • For a nice finish, make a gathering knot with the other 50-cm cord.

Step 10

  • Decorate your macrame planter with fur strips, pompoms or wood ornaments to personalize it.

(This project is for a 15-cm pot.)

Diagram 1. How to make a lark’s head knot


Diagram 2. How to make a gathering knot


Diagram 3. How to make a square knot