How to Dust Houseplants

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How to Dust Houseplants

Houseplants are a real pleasure for the eye and a great way to purify the air in our homes. Maintenance is generally simple and some even withstand cold weather quite easily. However, if they're neglected, not only will they be less attractive, but they could also have breathing problems and die. To prevent unfortunate consequences, nothing is simpler. All you need to do is clean your plants regularly. Here are five natural tips that will help you do it properly.

  1. Choose the right cleaning tool for the right plant

If the plant has a good resistance to water, then you can clean it in the shower. Simply direct a very soft stream of room temperature water toward the leaves.

If the plant is more fragile, use a damp cloth or sponge to dust each leaf. Avoid using a cotton cloth though, as you might leave undesirable particles on the plant.

If your houseplant is a succulent or is hairy, choose a soft paintbrush to avoid putting pressure on the leaves. If you don't have any close at hand, a feather duster will be just as effective.

  1. Improve your cleaning water with secret ingredients!

To feed and make houseplants shine, add a few drops of beer, milk or olive oil to the water before cleaning the leaves. Olive oil will also help repel several pests such as ticks and aphids.

  1. Make sure to dust under the leaves as well

Cleaning only the visible part of leaves practically amounts to doing nothing. It's detrimental to the photosynthesis process, and therefore to the plant's health and vitality. Consequently, do not forget to dust the bottom part of leaves.

  1. Remove dead leaves

Use clean pruning shears or sharp scissors to remove all wilted leaves. They are generally yellow or brownish in colour, and they could attract harmful fungi, which could hinder the plant's development.

  1. Avoid leaf shine sprays

In addition to being costly, this solution is not suitable for all houseplants and could be detrimental to their health by preventing them from breathing normally. Also, using a natural cleaning product is more environment friendly and just as effective.

Cleaning houseplants now holds no secret for you!