How to create flower centerpieces for Easter?

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How to create flower centerpieces for Easter?


Easter is invariably associated with the arrival of spring. Whether you're hosting the family or just want to get in the mood, this is a great opportunity to create a refreshing centerpiece that's both lively and colorful!

For a successful effect every time, we can create arrangements of different plants that we have on hand. In addition to not costing an arm and a leg, your centerpiece will not require any storage since almost everything used can be recovered and reused once the party is over.


Easter is invariably associated with the arrival of spring


Here are some ideas to inspire you…

  • We use the containers that we have on hand: flower vase, wicker basket, cupcake display, wooden box, cake dome, serving tray or plate… We opt for shades of the season: yellow, mauve, lilac, white, or soft pastel colors… If necessary, we take out the brushes! You'd be amazed at how pretty a Mason jar can look once covered in a pastel, matte tone!
  • Because they last longer, and can then be planted in the garden, we prefer potted flowers to cut flowers. If it is not possible to hide the pot in the arrangement, we place it in a colored cache-pot or we transplant our flowers into another container. After all, adding a good potting soil never hurts!
  • We also think of dried flowers! Lavender and eucalyptus are delicately scented and in the colors of the occasion.
  • Include colorful vegetables and fresh herbs (in pots they won't wilt): kale, red, kale or Romanesco cabbage, leafy carrots, Swiss chard, rosemary, basil, parsley...
  • We stage our small indoor plants: succulents, aloes, ferns… They will add life, but also volume and color! As for the large ones, one or two large leaves, once cut, will wrap a vase or even line a tray where coconuts or colored candies will be placed.
  • The star of the day being chocolate, a beautiful bunny can be the centerpiece of your work. We bet you will have no trouble finding a volunteer to take him home after the party is over!
  • On previous days, when making omelets, pancakes, muffins, or cakes, instead of breaking the eggs, empty them by piercing a tiny hole in the shell. Painted or not, the preserved shells will certainly find a place in your centerpiece. Note that some grocery stores offer beautifully speckled quail eggs! If you haven't already, now is the time to taste it!
  • Let's take a walk in the garden! Even very early in the season, you'll be amazed at what you can find there: snowdrops and other early flowers that braved the last cold spells, last year's vines, perfect for creating nests and wreaths , the flowers of perennials having dried on the plant… Open your eyes!