Homemade lavender soap | DIY

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Homemade lavender soap DIY

Create your very own soap from natural ingredients. Be creative: choose flowers from your garden and scents that you like! Here are the ingredients you will need:


  • Dried lavender flowers
  • 10 drops of bergamot essential oil
  • ¾ cup of shea butter soap base (or another)
  • Plastic or silicone mould
  • Optional (exfoliating effect): poppy seeds
  • Optional: blue colouring


  1. Cut the soap base in cubes and microwave 30 seconds in a microwave-safe bowl. Repeat until the cubes have melted completely.
  2. Stir with a spoon.
  3. Add the dried flowers, essential oil and poppy seeds.
  4. Add the base to the rest of the mix.
  5. Fill moulds slowly to avoid creating bubbles. 
  6. Leave to set 12 hours. 

* If  you want, you can create layers of varied colours and textures!