6 Tips To Help You Grow Your Own Seedlings With Your Kids

Kid playing with tiny gardening tools

Seeding with kids is a rewarding and educational activity, and lots of fun too! Your kids will be proud when the time comes to transplant their vegetable seedlings in the garden or flowers in flower beds.

Here are 6 tips that will help you bring this project to life: 

  1. Buy seeds of vegetables or flowers your kids like. They will be all the more motivated.

  2. Share your passion and explain the steps that come after seeding to generate interest: germination, care, watering, transplanting, growth, and harvest!

  3. To optimize your chances for success, use soil that promotes germination and that will make it easier for you to care for your plants.

  4. To get your kids even more involved, show them images of the vegetables and flowers you've chosen once they have matured. This should encourage them to do their best to obtain the same results.

  5. Be creative! It could be fun for your kids to decorate the pots or containers the plants will grow in. Better yet, they can draw what they think their plants will look like when fully grown. In other words, combine art with gardening!

Kids can also keep a journal in which they note down the various seeding steps and stages. From planting to measuring, including the care given. This will only stimulate their desire to learn.