20% bigger plants guaranteed with MYCOACTIVE

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All PRO-MIX products contain the 100% natural MYCOACTIVE technology, which acts as a plant growth stimulant.


20% more results, with less work.

BETTER WATER AND NUTRIENT UPTAKE. The 100% natural plant growth stimulant MYCOACTIVE contributes to the good development of plants by facilitating the uptake of water and nutrients (especially phosphorus, copper, zinc and manganese). Your plants develop better while being healthier.

BETTER GROWTH AND BLOOMING. Years of independent research in fields, greenhouses and nurseries have proven the effectiveness of the active ingredient MYCOACTIVE contained in PRO-MIX products. Soils enriched with this plant growth stimulant have given convincing results in terms of growth and blooming.

STRONGER ROOTS. This makes for earlier blooming in 25% of geraniums, for instance, while blooming in gerbera daisies is increased by 33%. Other species will produce up to 50% more cuttings, will have more branches, or will have a much better growth with MYCOACTIVE.


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MYCOACTIVE protects your plants and keeps them healthy

BETTER NUTRIENT SUPPLY. MYCOACTIVE not only benefits the growth of your plants, but their health too. The mycorrhizal fungi in PRO-MIX plant mixes feed on the sugars and vitamins provided by the plant. In return, they provide the plant with nutrients and water, which helps it fight off pathogens and diseases.

BETTER SURVIVAL CHANCES. MYCOACTIVE improves resistance against the various stresses plants may have to deal with, such as drought conditions and repotting. It also increases their survival chances at the time of planting while maximizing vitality as well as the quantity and quality of the flowers and fruits produced.


It's 100% natural

SUPERIOR RESULTS. The MYCOACTIVE technology is inspired by nature and perfected by Premier Tech's 20 years of expertise in the field. It combines high performance active ingredients with specifically selected components to stimulate plant growth and produce superior results in an all-natural way.

OMRI CERTIFICATION. The entire line of organic PRO-MIX products containing the MYCOACTIVE technology is certified by OMRI Canada and meets all the requirements and standards of Canada Organic Regime.