Proudly developed and made in Canada

It was at the end of the 1960s that the PRO-MIX brand was born with the launch of the very first ready-to-use growing medium. An innovation that will completely transform the horticulture market, and by the same token, the fate of the Quebec manufacturer Premier Tech, existing since 1923. A bold move that will push the company to combine passion and technology to continue its growth and influence its markets. .

Today, PRO-MIX offers consumers a range of gardening and lawn care products including potting soil, lawn seeds, and top quality garden and lawn fertilizers. These are designed and manufactured in our factories and place of business located in Quebec and across Canada. For over 50 years, PRO-MIX has been helping professional and amateur gardeners bring their garden to life across the North American continent, but its heart and roots will always remain in Quebec.

Choosing PRO-MIX means choosing a local product, born from the imagination and know-how of dedicated people committed to offering innovative solutions and unparalleled service to help consumers realize their projects.