Strong & Resilient Grass Seed
Strong & Resilient Grass Seed

If you feel like giving up on your lawn ambitions on account of a drought, grass diseases or heavy foot traffic (kids, pets, etc.), don’t! The PRO-MIX Premium Strong & Resilient Grass 5-in-1 mix is what you need. You deserve that lush, resistant lawn!

If you have kids or pets, you know they can be tough on lawn. You need to grow grass that withstands the harshest conditions?

Use PRO-MIX Premium Strong & Resilient Grass Seed, a 5-in-1 premium grass seed mix that includes Surestart™ nutrient coating to jumpstart growth, Moisture Boost Plus™ for better water absorption, an active nutrient blend for thicker, deeper roots, and Soil Booster™ for a richer soil and healthier lawn.

This product provides visible results within 7 days in sunny and shady areas of your yard to grow a lawn that is resistant to heavy foot traffic, heat, drought and disease, day after day. PRO-MIX Premium Strong & Resilient Grass Seed, for a beautiful lawn you and your family can enjoy!


  • To grow a lawn that withstands the harshest conditions.
  • 5-in-1 mix for heavy foot traffic areas.
  • High-quality seed mix with specially formulated fertilizer.