Green & Feed Lawn Fertilizer 36-0-12
Green & Feed Lawn Fertilizer 36-0-12

PRO-MIX Green & Feed Lawn Fertilizer 36-0-12 contains 100 % nutrients and no filler, for a greener, thicker and healthier lawn that stays green longer.

This product offers the perfect balance between fast acting nitrogen and slow release nitrogen to provide your lawn with both quick and long lasting green-up.

By feeding your lawn 3-4 times throughout the season, you will enjoy a thick green lawn that will help crowd out weeds.


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PRO-MIX GREEN & FEED LAWN FERTILIZER 36-0-12 contains 45% more nutrients Your lawn stays green longer with PRO-MIX GREEN & FEED LAWN FERTILIZER 36-0-12


  • 100% nutrients – No filler products
  • With 40% slow release nitrogen
  • With 12% potassium, your lawn can better withstand drought, disease and stress
  • Coverage: 400 m²

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  • Total Nitrogen (N) 36 %
  • Soluble Potash (K2O) 12%