How to Tell When a Houseplant Should be Repotted

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Cape of good hope or dracaena plant inside

How do you know if your plants need to be repotted? Most plants don’t need to be repotted every year, but on the other hand, you shouldn’t wait until the plant is suffering from stress and overcrowding.

By giving more potting mix to your plant and more space to its roots, it will improve their development, with a better access to water and nutrients.

A houseplant should be repotted when:

  • Roots are growing through the drainage hole.
  • You notice matted, tangled roots on the surface of the potting soil.
  • The potting soil dries out quickly and you are watering more often, even during cool weather.
  • Water runs directly through the drainage hole without soaking the potting mix.
  • Growth has slowed or stopped.
  • The foliage appears tired and scraggly.
  • The plant is top-heavy and tips over easily.