What to do in the garden in October

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Someone who clean his lawn

Gardening isn’t as much fun as it was a couple of months ago, but don’t let up quite yet! 
Take care of those fall garden chores before it gets too cold. Keep in mind, time flies and spring will be here again. 

  • Now is the time to get tulips, daffodils, allium and other spring bulbs in the ground. 
  • Mow the lawn once more this season. Lower the blade a notch or two so sunlight and air can reach the roots.
  • Remove leaves regularly. Pile them in an out of the way spot or use a mulching mower and let the leaves decompose back into the soil. 
  • Protect tender shrubs and perennials with a generous layer of straw, wood chips or pine needles.  
  • Clean and sharpen pruners and other garden tools. Replace cracked or broken handles. 
  • Empty hoses and store them for the winter. Repair or replace old, damaged hoses.
  • Rake leaves and other plant debris from under roses to eliminate breeding spots for insects and fungal diseases. 
  • Water roses deeply after the first frost to ensure plants are hydrated during the winter.
  • Dig gladiola, cannas lilies, dahlias and other tender bulbs. Let the bulbs dry for a few days, then store them in vermiculite or peat moss for replanting next spring. 
  • Pull dead or dying annuals. Dispose of them safely and don’t allow them to remain over the winter.

Someone who clean his lawn

  • Clean up overgrown areas and brush piles to discourage weeds and insect pests. 
  • Empty hanging baskets and other containers. Give the pots a thorough scrubbing and spray them with a bleach solution before you store them for the winter. 
  • Plant a cover crop of rye grass, clover or vetch in your garden after vegetable harvest is complete.
  • Spread mulch around shrubs and trees, but be sure mulch doesn’t pile up against the trunk. 
  • Put outdoor furniture away for the year.
  • Take stock of your garden. What worked and what failed? Take pictures for easy reference. Jot down notes about changes you want to make and new plants you want to try.