Tips for bigger, healthier tomatoes

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Regardless of the variety, it is always a pleasure to eat a freshly harvested tomato.

Tomatoes are heavy feeders, and they have specific nutritional needs to develop properly and be disease- and weather-resistant. Here are a few tips to fertilize your tomato plant and make sure you harvest an abundance of healthy fruits. 

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Use the right fertilizer

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For potted or in-ground crops, we suggest using a granular tomato fertilizer. Why granular? Because it will be released slowly and, unlike soluble or liquid fertilizers, it will not escape through the drainage holes at the first watering.

It is recommended to fertilize your plant every 3 to 4 weeks during the season with a potassium-rich fertilizer. This will help flowers and fruits to develop. We advise you to follow the recommendations on the label.

Watering your tomato plant

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When fertilizing your tomato plant, it is important to water at the base of the plant so the fertilizer is applied all around the roots. Avoid getting the leaves wet when watering because it would contribute to the development of diseases. 

Know that the growing medium of potted plants dries out more quickly, so keep an eye on your tomato plants between waterings. 

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