New PRO-MIX Grass Seed 5-in-1 Technology

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New PRO-MIX Grass Seed 5-in-1 Technology

For homeowners with little or even moderate experience in lawn maintenance, grass seed is probably just... grass seed. But the truth is, there are different varieties out there that give different results, and different blends of different qualities as well. PRO-MIX's new 5-in-1 grass seed mixes, the first and only on the U.S. market, make up an innovative product line that might change the way you see grass seed blends. Read on to discover their components and what their numerous benefits are.

Early development stages

First, PRO-MIX's new grass seed mixes are special blends of premium quality grass seed that will provide visible results in 7 days if used as directed. A definite plus for yardeners expecting quick results.

Second, we use our exclusive SURESTARTTM organic coating, which helps kick off the growth of grass seedlings by keeping their germination environment moist and feeding them nutrients that are essential in the early stages of development.

Then, there's our proprietary technology MOISTURE BOOST PLUSTM, an organic growth enhancer treatment. This third component of our 5-in-1 technology is added to absorb and retain water to help in the early stages of growth as well as in the establishment of a more developed root system.

Longer term establishment

Fourth, our new grass seed mixes also contain a blend of beneficial additives including Premier Tech's active ingredient Bacilus Pumilus. This helps develop deep, thick, fluffy roots that improve both water and nutrient uptake, for strong and healthy grass plants.

Finally, we add our SOIL BOOSTERTM technology: sphagnum peat moss granulates that condition the soil by adding organic matter, which is highly beneficial to microorganisms. Sphagnum peat moss also helps with water retention and is great for loosening hard-textured soils.

Together, these five components in PRO-MIX's new grass seed mixes combine to provide you with a lush, green lawn that is meant to be enjoyed.

Give PRO-MIX's 5-in-1 grass seed mixes a try!