Floppy disk planter


Recycle your old floppy disks and turn them into planters or pot holders in a few quick steps!


1. Prepare 5 floppy disks for each planter.



2. Heat up the glue.



3. Glue the floppy disks together to form a cube (one side not closed).



4. Cut the top of your pot so it fits the height of your floppy disk cube.


5. Insert your plant.



6. Add the name of the plant with a chalk marker.



7. Here is the final result!



  • 5 floppy disks

  • 1 succulent plant or cactus

  • 1 pot holder (3.5 in)

  • Glue gun

  • Glue

  • 1 chalk marker

 TIP: Choose bright-colored disks for an even more original pot holder!

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