5 Plants that can help you feel better

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5 plants that can help you feel better


Plants have multiple virtues for both our physical and mental health. They have been used for millenia to relieve and even cure many ailments such as stress, anxiety, headaches and colds. The following article presents five plants that boost our well-being, each in their own way.

Curcuma longa

A perennial native to Asia, this plant belongs to the same family as ginger. The spice called "turmeric" is made from its orange-coloured rhizome (underground stem). Turmeric has many properties: it soothes inflammation, facilitates digestion and helps prevent certain diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Turmeric is mostly consumed in the form of powder or tablets.


Ginseng (Panax ginseng) is also native to Asia. Its rhizome, which varies in colour from white to amber yellow, is eaten in the form of powder or tablets. It has stimulating effects that help to counter tiredness and concentration disorders, as well as antioxidant and anti-aging properties. Who will complain?


Originally from the Mediterranean basin, thyme is an aromatic plant that is rich in essential oil. Taken as an herbal tea or added to a dish to enhance flavour, thyme will help ease digestion problems. It also has antiseptic properties and helps boost the immune system.

Lemon balm

This white-flowered perennial plant with a lemony flavour also comes from the Mediterranean basin. Among other things, its leaves and stems can be infused to obtain a preparation that will have calming properties. It will promote relaxation and falling asleep and can be used to alleviate stress and anxiety.


Most often used in the form of granules or cream, arnica is a perennial plant native to North America with lots of helpful properties. For instance, it is an excellent natural way to soothe bruises, muscle and joint pain, as well as minor injuries such as insect bites.

Thousands of other plants are also used around the world for their beneficial effects on the body and the mind. It's up to you to discover them!