Strong & Resilient Grass Seed
Strong & Resilient Grass Seed

Grow the ultimate playground with PRO-MIX Premium Strong & Resilient Grass Seed. This 5 in 1 sun & shade mix will provide durable grass capable of withstanding high traffic and stresses.

You have moderate experience in lawn maintenance and you're looking to grow one that can withstand all kinds of activities and stresses?

PRO-MIX Premium Strong & Resilient Grass Seed is just what you need! It's a 5 in 1 mix containing premium grass seed, Surestart™ nutrient coating for a fast start, Moisture Boost Plus™ for better water absorption, an active nutrient blend for thicker, deeper roots, and Soil Booster™ for a richer soil and healthier lawn.

This product will put up with high traffic, playing, heat, drought and disease, day after day. PRO-MIX Premium Strong & Resilient Grass Seed, for lawns that were meant to be enjoyed!


  • Highly resistant to various stresses such as drought, high traffic and pets
  • Fluffy roots that are deeper and thicker
  • Will grow in the sun or shade


  • The 1st and only 5 in 1 grass seed mix.
  • A blend seed + organic coating + organic growth enhancer + active ingredients + SOIL BOOSTER!
  • Coverage: 3 lb = 1,200 sq. ft. / 7 lb = 2,800 sq. ft.
  • Visible results in 7 days!


  • High % of tall fescue for a tough lawn that withstands high traffic!
  • 70% Seed.
  • 30% Organic matter.